Monday, January 18, 2010

A Few Moral and Spiritual Questions

It's always so hard to pack away the Christmas decorations every year-the tree, the stockings, the Santa and Reindeer Pez dispensers (which, obviously, are incredibly, AWESOME), the nativity set.... However, Christmas is over, so Katie and I pulled out my old college trunk and loaded it up.

But... not before our tea party.

Where Katie served baby Jesus tea in tiny blue tea cups.

And two of the "three kings of orient are" on cute little yellow plates.

Which brought up some questions, you know, in my own mind.

1) Is play acting cannibalism wrong?
2) Is it only wrong if she reminds me to "eat the skin"?
3) This isn't how Hannibal Lecter got his start, is it??
4) Is it anti-Christian to drink baby Jesus tea?
5) Can I ask for seconds? Because, really, there's only one king left and it isn't like baby Jesus is going to be needing that myrrh, now that he's tasty, tasty tea....


  1. This is your most disturbing blog post yet. You have a very interesting mind.

  2. Thank you!
    The only other thing I can think to say is, "Well, you did say you wanted to read about all the weirdness that went on in my head!"

  3. I thought she was serving Baby Jesus WITH tea, not Baby Jesus tea.


  4. That's my little budding vegetarian!