Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I'll Put A Bra On For, But Not Shoes*

*Mostly because once The Thing (now more aptly named Ellie) was born my feet finally figured out that I was pregnant and immediately blew up to the size of two podiacal shaped hot air balloons hovering over the New Mexico skyline. "Balloon!! Balloon, guys! This is our last chance!!" Yep. That's my feet talking.

Bra worthy outing #1

Just a few days before going into labor I entered a contest to win free coffee for a week from Manette Coffee Company-an awesome little drive thru kiosk with great lattes just up the road from our house and guess what? I WON!! Sure, only like seven people entered, but, whatever-because if there's ever a time I need a free jolt of caffeine it's now! Two, three, four, five, six, twelve nighttime feedings? Not a problem! Just send Jon down the road for my free daily latte and I'm good to go (for like an hour, then I need a nap.)

Bra Worthy Outing #2

TOFUSEDAY!! It should be a county wide holiday every week, it's seriously that good. I've eaten at Hi-Lo's every Tuesday I could tear Katie away from Story time at the library with a minimum of whining. I mean, just look at what they can do with tofu:

But I may have taken Katie there one too many times for their kid friendly grilled cheese. Before I got one bite of that sun dried tomato/pesto/pine nut/tofuey goodness, Katie hurled that kid friendly grilled cheese all over the floor. Yeah. I put on a bra for that? Just so we're all on the same visual page here, it looked a lot like this:

While not the actual vomit, (it's the split pea soup with aminos and nutritional yeast I made a few months ago) it did look amazingly similar. (You guys should really come to dinner at my house some time!)

And, in case you're wondering if The Thing (now more aptly named Ellie) is really here and can be blamed for this randomly put together post:

This is also why Jon isn't allowed to play with my phone anymore.


  1. Oooh. I didn't realize that she hurled in public! Poor girl. Maybe she was just protesting because she wanted that tofu goodness. It looks scrumptious!

  2. I offer every Tofuseday and she turns me down each time-crazy girl! She's the one who kept picking the grilled cheese too!
    And YES it was scrumptious! Haven't hit a bad tofu day yet! Ho-Lo's is awesome!

  3. So funny...and I totally understand why Jon isn't allowed to use your phone.

  4. Yeah. I think he's jealous because my phone is better than his!