Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water. Standing.

Top 10 reasons my bathtub clogged its drain and is currently threatening to fill my house knee deep in water:

10.  It realized that summer had arrived and wanted Katie and Ellie to have a pool. Because my bathtub is thoughtful. And whimsical.

 9.  It's holding it's breath. For a really long time. Like a whale.

 8.  Ellie fed it too many bananas. Because bananas cause constipation.  Because they're mushy. And gross.

 7.  It needs more coffee.

 6.  The Littles have moved into our house and are building their own pool. To cheer Granny up.

 5.  Jules Verne is the tub's personal hero. (Related: Exactly how many leagues will fit in one bathtub?)

 4.  It's starting a one tub armonica band. Or, in Greek, a one tub hydrodaktulpsychicharmonica band.  I blame Ben Franklin. And Harry Potter.

 3.  It's concerned about my lack of preparation for the looming zombie apocalypse and is stockpiling fresh water.

 2.  No one told the tub that Prohibition ended in 1933.

 1.  It was feeling unfulfilled.


  1. Personally, I am in training for the zombie apocalypse and am unconcerned. Your bathtub will be considered a refuge...

    1. A watering hole. Like the Serengeti...

  2. Oh dear! not good timing - is there any good time? - for a bathtub to plug up. I think it truly must be reason #1. ROFL at that one although all of the rest of the reasons were certainly viable. :-) Great post as usual Martha. Hope the tub gets over its bit of depression today.

    1. Thanks to Belinda and Bertram, the tub is once again on an even keel!