Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Emulated Forrest Gump And It Was AWESOME!

Remember watching the movie "Forrest Gump" where he ran across America like four times and he was all, "When I was tired I slept.  When I was hungry, I ate. And when I had to, you know, I went." and you thought to yourself, "I'm totally doing that some day because that sounds AWESOME!" so you added it to your bucket list, but you didn't call it a bucket list because you were in high school and, 1, no one uses the term bucket list in high school, and, 2, because when anyone says the word "bucket" your brain immediately starts singing "There's a Hole in the Bucket Dear Liza" and that is an annoyingly looooooooooong song, and since you always try to avoid any usage of the word "bucket" (see: all  47,000 verses that are currently playing in my head because I typed the word bucket more than once) in any situation you just call it Your List, but then find out later that calling something Your List has completely different connotations, and so instead start calling it "Things Need Doing"?* Well, I can totally check that one off! Because, dudes! I ran across America!


I rode in a car a lot.  

But there were children in the car at the same time so I'm pretty sure those bucket miles are totally legit.**

This is where I started.  Or where I ran away from.  You know, whatever.

Oh, Boise, and your crazy rope swing river runs.... You totally know how to have a good time!
I'm mean, obviously Boise rocks, look at me! I'm drenched! (Spoiler: it's really sweat.)

I'm counting The Great Salt Lake as a run, because do you  KNOW how far you have to walk before you get to swim in its dead bug infested waters? Far enough to argue with a 9 year old stranger about the need to bring a swim vest for Ellie. So, yeah, annoyingly far.

Early morning run in Zion.

No, seriously, people! ZION!
"GRAAAAANNNND CAAAANNNNNYYYOOOONNNN!!!!"  Grand Canyon...grand canyon...grand canyon... (Oooo! Did you hear that? Whispery echoes....) 

Um, I might have been completely plastered in this picture..... But just on Ponderosa Pine Tree fumes, people.  This is a family trip you know! (they *hic* smell like vanilla *giggle*)

And I finish in Sedona, Arizona!!

Dude! I totally just saw a guy hiking with his feet all naked!  Maybe it would help me commune with natu-AH CACTUS! Never mind.

Now, I know some of you are more geographically astute than me and are wondering, "How did she manage to run from Washington to Idaho without going through Oregon?" And while I'd love to answer your question with the words "running long jump", it's not true.

The real reason I don't have any pictures of me running across Oregon? Two words:

Pancake Machines!!!!
Best invention ever, Oregon. Best. Invention. Ever.***

*Just me, huh?

**Worse automatic brain song mash up ever!

***Except for coffee. Obviously.


  1. Great post! :-) I saw the Sedona part of the run so the rest must be true as well. Let's do it again next year.

    1. Totally!

      Well, except for that one part. But that's a completely different post!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. So very, very, very cool! I'd recommend it on your next trip across the country too!

  3. I love make me laugh no matter what you write about. :) And, yes...pancake machines are awesome. I assume the hotel next month will have one for us??? :)

    1. Bad news.... There will be no pancake machine in the hotel next month. Only a coffee shop. Because Washington is just not as cool as Oregon, apparently.