Monday, June 24, 2013


So, I just dropped both (BOTH!) girls off for summer school! Because:

1) summer school is the best thing ever, especially if you just turned three and have been asking to go to school every day because you're "A BIG GIRL NOW!" Which you say in your big girl voice.  Which is loud. Because those words are totally synonyms when you're three.  Even at the library.

2) the theme is Prehistoric Agriculture and the Subsequent Extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Due to Teeny Tiny Arms* . Which makes sense because if a T-Rex can't do this:
there's no way he could use the appropriate gardening implements in which to cultivate that first fig grove.

3) Mommy wanted some time alone.  By herself.  To do wild and crazy things., well, you, um, well, there's...or...maybe.... (drifts off, vauguely thinks about searching for "old dresser ideas" on PinINterest. Again. Because, apparently, old dressers are the Transformers of the furniture world***.)

And, after wracking my brain for the wildest and craziest activity I could think of to do in two and a half hours, I ended up in Starbucks drinking coffee. Because my caffeine addiction was calling. Again.

So, here I sit, a trio of trim silver haired ladies sitting in front of me drinking smoothies and comparing pictures from their European cruise. And behind me? A group of mothers with their toddlers, who are way more stylish and color coordinated than I ever was at that stage of my life.  Also, their coffee cups are too small.  Which is causing me to secretly envy, resent and pity them at the same time while knocking back giant swigs of my triple shot plain latte.

I have four more days. 10 more hours.  600 more minutes.  What wild and crazy thing do you think I should do with them?

*Or alternately, Let's Let the Kids Dig in Dirt and Pretend to be Paleontologists and Plant Seeds at the Same Time Because They're Dirty Already Anyway.**

**Or, alternately, Gardening and Dinosaurs.  But that name isn't as interesting, obviously.

***Kitchen Island, Elegant Entry Bench Seat, Shoe Rack, Bathroom Vanity, Craft Organizer, Sideboard, Wine Cabinet, Entertainment Center, Changing Table, China Cabinet, Open Shelving, Planter, Bookshelf, Desk, Dress Up Closet, Play Kitchen, Lego Storage, Patio Bar, Dollhouse, Potting Bench, Headboard, Laundry Sorter, Christmas Village Display, Dog Bed, and my favorite:
Chicken Coop


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who ends up at sbux when I am unsure what to do....

    1. Yeah, not many more choices really. I think they totally schedule summer school in the morning because the bars aren't open yet.

    2. JUST KIDDING CPS!!! I would totally never drop my kids at school and then schlep off to a bar! That would be completely irresponsible parenting on my part!

    3. Wait a minute.... Unless I OWNED a bar or WORKED at a bar, then that'd totally be responsible parenting.

      Ha! Not going to fall into your trap this time CPS!

    4. OK. That was the last of my inappropriate CPS jokes today. I apologize to all the hard, conscientious and caring workers at CPS. I'm currently half way through a grande latte which I'm swirling around in my belly with the half a pot of coffee from breakfast, if I can use drug addiction as an excuse....