Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Kids Have Gone To School. I Live In The City. I Can Make A Game Out Of That! (P.S. I'm Sorry)

My kids have gone back to school this last week.

Dudes! The house is so QUIET!

Plus? I can, like, get soooo much done!

For instance, today? I was, like, super efficient and was able to get out in the front yard, do some weeding AND play a round of the game:

Is It Vomit?
Is It Diarrhea?

Which, as everyone knows, can only be played properly

With pictures.


But classy close-ups. 

Wait, Mr. DeMille, 

I can totally make this picture classier. 

Totes better. 

Ok, fine, I know what you're thinking, "Martha, it's 2017, not 1952,  people don't classy things up DeMille style anymore, you need to Snap Chat that.......stuff."




I mean, well... sure. 

I guess I could!

How's that? 

Maybe add a filter?

And a frame!!

Step. Back. Willis.

I have the most 'tim-mate idea! Ev. Er.

1) Snap Chat flower wreath,

2) Filter it with a vintage Polaroid look


3) A funky camera angle to show that the unidentified crap in my yard doesn't take itself too seriously, you know, in the whole "I just woke up like this" Instagram pic style.


No. But, in all seriousness, people. 

Is it vomit or diarrhea? 

Award yourself 250 points (YES A WHOLE 250!!!) if you play the game 
I'll send a box of mac and cheese to the winner!

I'm not kidding. 


  1. Can I make a write-in guess?

  2. You can't fool me again. Last time I played one of these games I became an accomplice to Halloween candy theft. Of course, I ate the candy. I was brought up not to waste anything. The image in this post,... I mean the classy image in this post looks like little rocks, not really vomit or diarrhea.