Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Did While On The Lam

Why was I on the lam? Because I stole this from IKEA:

Well, more correctly Jon stole it. But I guess since I was distracting the employees with a screaming Ellie and fit throwing Katie technically I'm an accomplice, and they'll send you to jail for almost holding a horse. Just look at poor Edmund Spangler. The world's largest yellow 59 cent bag and almost holding a horse? They're practically the same thing people! So we took off, blew the joint, hit the road, knocked over that peanut stand, jumped the train (we actually did this one literally) and ended up here:

(Do you hear the heavenly music too, or is that just in my head?)

Where I found the PERFECT book!!!

But, I didn't buy it* because I don't need these kind of images in my head:

"Terrifying new developments in robotics like the EATR, which powers itself on meat!!!!"

I'm doing just fine with my normal nightmares thank you very much! (Like the one where I find an extra foot growing out of Katie's head.) So I bought a book about zombies instead.

And after being drawn like a fly to a compost heap (also, interestingly enough, the name of the slice I ate**) to the local pizza place across the street from Powell's, I thought perhaps I had overreacted, just a little. I mean, it's IKEA not McDonald's, it's not like they're evil or anything. Of course, just to be on the safe side, the next time I'm wondering dazedly IKEA (the place is HUGE people!) I'm planning on looking less like:

and more like:

But just the bangs, because the rest of his hair is kinda freaky.

*But you could, and then lend me your copy with all the scary pages ripped out.

**Come on. You know you want a bite of my vegan pizza!
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  1. I don't know how many crimes I have committed while trying to deal with tantruming children. I'm sure there are amnesty laws for cases like that.

  2. Amnesty IN Powell's? I could get used to a life of crime for that!

  3. Samantha walked out with a toothbrush once when she was really little and we were letting her carry it to stop her from screaming. I don't think its a legal defense but I'm sure its understandable.

    I LOVED the book.....

  4. Did you buy it? Did you rip out the scary parts and mail it to me?? :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I was just at Powell's a couple of weeks ago, and I totally heard heavenly music!