Friday, October 19, 2012

Random. Just Like Normal.

The following stuff never made it into any real blog posts.  There may have been a reason. But, then I thought, DUDE!, everyone loves an underdog story!

She knows nothing, people. NOTHING! (And I need to add more sit-ups to my workout routine.)
Ellie: (at the park, while climbing up to the slide) I'm a big sister.
Me: (spotting from below) No. You're a little sister.
Ellie: (looking over her shoulder to pierce me with the cutest death stare ever) No. I'm a big sister. (finishes climbing to the top of the slide and yells) I'M A BIG SISTER! ELLIE IS A BIG SISTER!!
Me: (chuckling awkwardly, backing away, and sucking in my gut while giving a death stare to everyone at the park that day to just DARE and congratulate me)

We may have a bit of a problem....
We have run out of bookshelf space and took a trip to Powell's the other weekend.
Which means....
These books may have a permanent home on the floor of our living room. 
Fun story.  Mabel dropped by to borrow a book.  I told her, no problem, I'm pretty sure I know where that one is. Then I walked into the office and said, "I know I saw it in here somewhere once." And Mabel said, "You narrowed it down to one room?" And I said, "You do realize that each and every room in our house is floor to ceiling books, right? The fact that I could narrow it down to just this one room actually is quite impressive." And then I handed her the book.  End of fun story.

I'm in a video! At Zion!
I may have made it myself....

The unfortunateness of being a pear:
Pear. Rear.  They're  practically the same, um... word...

It's never too early to discuss politics:

Me: (reading from the new bulletin board at the library) Duck for President! Bad Kitty for President! Baby Mouse for President!
Kids: YAY!!!
Me: Who would you vote for Ellie?
Ellie: The Penguin.
Katie: She means the Duck.
Ellie: (turns toward Katie) NO! The Penguin! (does penguin walk) Waddle, waddle, waddle!
Me: And another independent voter is born!

And, lastly, and quite possibly leastly:

Cutest picture of Jon and me EVER:

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