Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I Did With That Taper Week

Awesome Things (from my half marathon on Sunday):

1) Eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich in an elevator.

2) Starting the race with Clive and Mabel. Who enthusiastically* performed awesome Jazzercize moves with me while surrounded by a gajillion strangers in the pre-dawn cold.


4) Pirates! At mile mile 7.5 and 10! And, yes.  They were shooting at us.  With blanks.  Probably.  I mean, the road was a little sticky... but most likely it was just Gu.... Right? (races off to check running shoes) Um... does Gu come in raspberry?

5) Being lapped by the elite marathoners. Twice.  Because they run at the speed of light.

6) Leaping over the road kill the elites left, Wile E. Coyote style, in their wake and yelling, "DEAD SQUIRREL!"

7) Complete strangers cheering me on at almost every corner! Because putting people's names on the race numbers you pin to the front of your shirt is sheer BRILLIANCE!

8) Hearing the announcer say as I raced down the finish chute,"Looks like we have a real treat for you all! Blah, blah, blah" (because it's physically impossible to understand announcers when you are sprinting out the end of a race) and feeling like a ROCK STAR! But then looking over and seeing the first place marathoner cross the finish line just in front of you.  I may have stole some of his applause. But only a little bit.  Just under 50%, or so...ish.

9) Eating post race food! In a bathtub. Fully clothed. Because Ellie needed a nap and waxed paper wrapped seitan burgers are noisy. Plus, I had just run 13.1 miles and eating in a bathtub just made good solid logical sense at the time.

10) And then Ellie woke up and there was Powell's.  And all was right with the world.

Because that world also came with a donut:

And a guy hiking with a Segway:

*As long as a 3/10 on the Enthusiastic Scale still rates as enthusiastic.  Which, it should, because three is totally a magic number.  School House Rock told me so.


  1. Every piece of this is awesome pants. Including your pants!!

    1. Awesome pants with awesome sauce and an awesome cherry on top.

    2. Apparently I should keep my awesome running shorts for another five years!

  2. Things I love about this post..

    1. Running is third.
    2. The feeling of being lapped..been there done that.
    3. The names on the have no idea how long that took me to figure out.
    4. Voodoo donut!!!!! So incredibly jealous!!!

    1. First off, Bree, I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich in an ELEVATOR! Which I followed by flinging around uncoordinated and unrhythmical jazz hands in front of a gagillion people, obviously, running is third. Although it did come out over a bookstore that covers an entire city block and a 24 hour donut store....

  3. What a great outcome from Taper Week! Cute kids, running, having people cheer you on by name, Powell Books, donuts, eating in a bathtub --- Doesn't get any better than that :-) Love this post, Martha.

    1. POWELLS!!!!! Fun fact: On the trip down Kathleen kept asking if we'd gotten to Powell's yet, not Portland. Love that kid's priorities!

  4. Sounds like pretty much the best day ever.

    1. Anytime you can run, eat seitan burgers in a tub, sit in a bookstore the size of a city block and read, and eat more donuts than are good for you from a donut shop that makes vegan donuts IS pretty much like the best day ever! Spot on, Skerrib. Spot on!