Saturday, February 16, 2013

At Least One Of Them Is Going To Grow Up To Be The President Of The United States The Other Will Cure Cancer

Typical lunch conversation with Katie at two years old:

Katie: We're having apples and cheese? I like apples and cheese!

Me: Me too!

Katie: What kind of apples are they?

Me: They're called Fuji apples.

Katie: Why are they called Fuji apples? Who thought to call them that?

Me: Um. I don't know.

Katie: Can you look it up on your phone and read it to me?

Me: Sure. (start typing "why are fuji apples called fuj-", then stop abruptly because she's sooo not done yet)

Katie: How is cheese made? Why is this cheese orange? Is all cheese orange? Where do Fuji apples grow? In Fuji? Is Fuji a country?

Me: (looks down at two thumbs and mumbles) Alright Thumbkin! And You too Thumbkin! You guys ready for this?

Typical lunch conversation with Ellie at age two, or, you know, yesterday:


Me: (placing plate in front of Ellie) Eat up!

Ellie: (picks up apple slice in one hand and cheese slice in the other) Well, hello Mr. Apple! I'm Ms. Cheese! How are you today? Oh! Look! (raises index finger) It's Mrs. Finger! Hello Mrs. Finger say Mr. Apple and Ms. Cheese! Well, hello Mr. Apple and Ms. Cheese! How are you today?

Me: (laughing) Come on! Eat up now!

Ellie: (singing) Where is Ms. Cheese? Where is Ms. Cheese? Here I am! Here I am! How are you today, sir? (Mrs. Finger throws Ms. Cheese on the floor) AAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!! Bye-bye, Ms. Cheese!

Me: (picking up  Ms. Cheese) Ellie. Eat. Don't throw people on the floor.

Ellie: (still singing) Where is Mr. Apple? Where is Mr. Apple? Here I am! Here I am! OMP-CHOMP-CHOMP-GULP! Mmmmmm! He was GOOOOOooooooOOOOOD!!!!


  1. LoL! Totally different worlds :-)perspectives and mind views. Wonderful title and a great conversation. I especially like the part about the Thumbkins :-)

    1. Do people call their thumbs something other than "Thumpkin"?

      Oh! Do they name them in Dwarfish? Because, as I'm looking at my hands right now, I realize you could totally do a Tolkien name theme....

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA--"Don't throw people on the floor."

    1. Really. It's a universal rule. I don't know why I have to keep telling Ellie this.