Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's About Trying And Experimenting And Being Creative. And, If It Doesn't Work Out, You Can Always Blame It On The Wobbly Octopus Biscuits

Both girls are down in the basement, happily building a car out of the now empty grapefruit box my parents shipped to us for Christmas from Arizona. They are working together. They are not fighting. (OK, there was a little fighting. But none for at least the last five minutes! OK, fine, two.) The tools they have chosen are two pairs of kid scissors, a glue stick, and from the sounds bouncing up the stairway our beach ball that looks like a globe. Truthfully, I have no idea how the beach ball helps them in the build of the car, but, heck, who am I to squelch the creative process?

Then, while sitting in the kitchen, gulping my coffee, I thought, "Dude! It's quiet, ish. This would be the perfect time to work on that blog post about basketball shorts, cocoa infused coffee from Trader Joe's, my new coffee cup and those Wobbly Octopus Biscuits!"

Which seemed like a great idea!

Until I read what I'd previously written.

And it was crap.

I was tempted to blame it, unfairly, on the Wobbly Octopus Biscuits, but then, after sneaking down to peek at the grapefruit crate car progress in my basement, I was reminded that, sometimes, it's not quality that's important, it's trying. And experimenting. Being creative. Just plain working on an idea, implementing it, seeing if, maybe, this time you can get it to balance on top of a beach ball globe as you sing the "Continents Song" you learned in Kindergarden over and over and over. Which, obviously, while sitting up here in the kitchen I'm speaking about metaphorically, but is being taken quite literally down in the basement. (And in my head, because, that song it totally stuck in there!)


Attempted Metaphorical Globe Balancing #1:

We receive quite a bit of junk mail addressed to "Or Current Resident" at our new house, including the February edition of the Nordstrom catalog. Which, through the power of marketing, modeling and other evils, suggested I buy the outfit on the left.

This is Nordstrom's, so, exactly, how many Benjamin's do you think this outfit, not including the shoes, would set me back?

A. 2
B. 5
C. 8
D. 10

Attempted Metaphorical Globe Balancing #2:

Ellie requested Wobbly Octopus Biscuits for dinner the other night. Are Wobbly Octopus Biscuits:

A. biscuits, with tiny baby octopi mixed in
B. biscuits, with cheese, to make it wobbly, and broccoli, to be octopus bones, mixed in
C. biscuits, covered with cheese and rainbow colored sprinkles
D. not really biscuits, but a soup made from refried beans, potatoes and carrots

Attempted Metaphorical Globe Balancing #3:

True (T) or False (F)

When reading Trader Joe's description of their Coffee a Cocoa in the Fearless Flyer this scene from My Three Sons was playing in my head.

Attempted Metaphorical Globe Balancing #4:

A. This is an awesome coffee cup Ellie made for me in her Parent and Me pottery class.
B.  This is an awesome coffee cup Katie made for me in her No Parents Allowed Kids Only Pottery Class.
C. This is the result of 7 weekly pottery lessons I took at the local community center. It's a coffee cup with a lizard on it.
D.  This is a coffee cup I found at the local thrift shop. HOW COULD ANYONE GIVE AWAY SUCH AWESOMENESS!


Want to attempt some metaphorical globe balancing too? Leave your answers in the comments section below! Extra points if you sing the "Continents Song" at the same time. LYRICS BELOW!!

North America, South America, 
Europe, Africa, Aaaaaasia! 
Don't forget Australia! 
Don't forget Antaaaaarctica! 
Then repeat. 
And again. 
You're not done yet.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not even quite sure what we're talking about, but since the bottoms in the pic are short pants I think that makes them pricier, so I'll guess C.

    I don't like saying Wobbly Octopus Biscuits, but I'll guess B on those.

    #3 is True. Definitely true. Man, Uncle Charlie was such a grump!

    The colors on the mug seem like a very mature palette, so I'll go with C again.

    Sadly, I never learned the Continents song. Bummer for me.