Saturday, March 8, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole But At Least There Are Girl Scout Cookies Down Here

You know how everyone says, "Running is Cheaper than Therapy"?

Well, my car does at least:

Yeah. I haven't been attending my sessions lately.

(siiiiigh... shoulders droop... arms go all spaghetti... flop on floor... flail legs... cue up the Phillip Glass...)


I'm pretty sure Power Point was invented to enable adults to whine more sophisticatedly.

Plus, Girl Scout cookie sales started. And I volunteered to be Troop Cookie Manager. Because, apparently, it's a hereditary affliction.

However, while I've been hunkered down in my rabbit hole, wiping Do-Si-Do crumbs off my face, I've also neglected to publish the answers to my Attempted Metaphorical Globe Balancing Quiz, which, when whining about how Blogger doesn't have an upside down font so I could have added the answers to the bottom of the original post Katie said, "You could just write it in mirror language, like in Alice Through the Looking Glass." And I thought, "Dude.  I should consult smart people about my blog more often! I wonder if she knows how to fix my comment section problem." But then Katie disappeared behind her Lewis Carroll book and I realized I'd lost her to her own personal rabbit hole.

So, haul that computer into the bathroom and hold it up to the mirror and because the answers are below! And, bonus? You can totally count it as your strength training for the day.


1.  How many Benjamin's would the outfit on the left have set me back?

Answer: !01 snimajneB  .trihstaews, mu, yarg evod ylevol taht rof 005$ revo uoy sevael taht strohs llabteksab fo riap a no 005$ dneps ylno uoy fi esuaceB

2.  Wobbly Octopus Biscuits are:
Answer: .ni dexim, senob supotco eb ot, iloccorb dna, ylbbow ti ekam ot, eseehc htiw, stiucsiB .suineg yraniluc gningier ruo si eillE dnA

3. Did this scene from My Three Sons play in my head when reading Trader Joe's description of their Coffee a Cocoa?
Answer: .eurT .oG-oG-A salguoD eht ta gur a tuc erus nac eibboR esuaceB


Answer: .ti no drazil a htiw puc eeffoc a s'tI  .retnec ytinummoc lacol eht ta koot I snossel yrettop ylkeew 7 fo tluser eht si sihT .seY .zlliks citsitra dam evah I


Whew! Good work people! Two more reps and you're done!

Or, you know, grab your own box of Girl Scout cookies and meet me down here in the Rabbit Hole. I still have Phillip Glass spinning on the Hi-Fi.


  1. Too much effort...... my brain hurts. And volunteering for the girl scout mom...also too much effort. You are amazing.

    1. Maybe you should get a smaller computer.

  2. This is an amazing blog post! I loved it. I especially like the interactive section - trying to read the answers backwards since I'm too lazy to take my computer to a mirror and read it there. And I like the coffee mug you made in pottery class. And I really like the low-tech whiney part about running. I am totally on board with that. :-) Besides, a rabbit hole is cool.