Thursday, April 17, 2014

$5 Books!?! Party Favors For Everyone!!

It's my birthday this week, and guys? I even already got a birthday present!!


And they totally made me "super duper alley ooper flooper cooper fast" on my run this morning as their wings glittered, flittered and fluttered in the spring breeze! That I created. With my super fast running. Obviously.

And, except for an evening of babysitting Mabel has offered up to Jon and I like a rare and beautiful pearl made exclusively of rainbows and coffee beans (two of the most beautiful elements in the world), the butterflies probably would have been the highlight of my week. Would have been, if not for a recent conversation between Mabel, Belinda, Geraldine and myself:

Belinda: I'm so excited for your birthday!

Me: You are? Why?

Belinda: Yeah! We're going OUT! And we're doing karaoke! (high fives Geraldine)

Me: (looking quizzically, yet startledly, at Mabel) We are?

Mabel: (with her "Belinda's serious" expression, which really shows up around her eyebrows) Yep. Remember? We talked about it at Katie's birthday party?

Me: (in my crapazoidal voice) WHAT!?! Dudes. I was all jazzed up on roller skating and cupcakes that day, I don't remember any of this.

Mabel: (in her serious voice) And I am not singing.

Belinda: You're singing, right Martha? It's your birthday, you have to! It's going to be so fun!

Me: (mentally rubbing my forehead in distress while silently mumbling criminy...criminy...criminy...) I am. So not singing. But...  we could still go out or something? That could be, um, fun.... Ooo! We could go to a museum!

Belinda and Geraldine: Hahhahahahahaha!

Mabel: Um, guys? She's serious.

Me: (getting excited) It would be without all the children!!!

Mabel: Oh! It wouldn't take that long, then! We could still-

Belinda: (In her I've been to a museum with Martha before voice. It sounds, tired,for some strange reason.) No. It will. Don't you remember the museum in Roslyn last summer?

Geraldine: Oh my gosh, yes!

Me: Oooo! That was a cool museum! I need to go back there someday, I didn't see half of what they had on display!

Mabel: No, I didn't go. I was dropping the guys off for mountain biking. Why?

Belinda: It took for. ev. er.  Seriously! Forever! And it only had one room!

Geraldine: Yeah. I like museums, but, not that much.

Me: But! The whole town-

Geraldine: Of 900 people

Me: (ignoring Geraldine, because, the Donner-Reed Party only had 87 people and everyone agrees that was interesting) -donated stuff to the museum. Stuff they'd used! Stuff they brought when they traveled across on the Oregon Trail! Things they had made! Everything in there had a story! And all those handwritten interpretive signs.... It was just so, so, so awesome. (cue dreamy history look here)

Belinda: Yeah. No museums.

Geraldine: (looking up from her phone) What if we get a hotel room and make a night of it?

Me: (snapping out of my historical interpretive sign revelry as visions of hairdryer balloon tennis are lobbed directly into my brain by Geraldine) LIKE A SLUMBER PARTY!!

Geraldine: (slowly) Sure... We don't have to go to karaoke. (searching her phone) Hey! What about this? There's a hotel and the bar is also a bookstore. That sounds like something you would like, Martha.

Me: (carefully. cautiously. checking.) And, you guys, will go with me?

Everyone: Yeah. (too quickly, probably because they're relieved I gave up on that museum idea) It's your birthday.

Me: (striking like a blacksmith from the days of old Roslyn) OK! Let's book it! (pun, completely, intended)

Dudes! Do you know what this means? For my birthday I totally get to hang out in my pj's while reading $5 books in the hotel bookstore/bar-whatever-thing, interspersed with rousing matches of hairdryer tennis!

Hey! Geraldine, Belinda, and Mabel! Don't forget to pack your running shoes! My Shoe Butterflies and I just thought of a great 8 mile route we could do! You guys throw the best birthday parties!


  1. Love the butterfles and Happy Birthday! :-)

    1. Thanks, Karen! The butterflies are pretty awesome!