Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Juxtaposition Of Two Childhoods

Have you heard about this new thing all the cool people are doing now? Throw back Thursday? My friend, Aingel, totally posted a pic of us from our Disneyland trip back in college, and I was like, "Wow. Yeah. Hellooo 38th birthday. I guess that was awhile ago." Of course, I was also like, "Dude. Am I wearing my car key around my neck like a stylish necklace? That is such a good idea!" But, really, that fashion choice was steeped in practicality because I had a bad habit of locking my keys in the car when I was in college. Kinda a lot. Which, one time, kinda also caused another friend and I to spend a night in the police station after I locked my keys in during this really bad snow storm. But, that story doesn't really apply to this cool #TBT thing that's going around. Mostly, because we didn't really get arrested and so, you know, no mugshots to post on Facebook.

College. Those were good times, man.

Anyway, awhile ago my parents sent me a link to this video of them 4-wheeling in Colorado last summer:

It totally brought back all those childhood memories of me, bobble-heading around in the back of the CJ-5, trying to read the latest Sweet Valley High book, (Oh my gosh! Elizabeth and Todd just can't break up! They just can't!) the desert dust settling in a thick film over the pages, while getting shot in the face with a squirt bottle at random times by my sister, Pearl.

Because we didn't have air conditioning.

And she was concerned I'd succumb to heat stroke.


About the same time I was nostalgicing about my high adventure childhood, I took a video of Katie and Ellie helping out around the house:

And, after watching it again, I thought, "Huh. Well..."

But then, I reassured myself that everyone learns about teamwork in different ways. Right?

Besides, they did an awesome job, people:

Plus, neither of them sprayed the other in the face with a squirt bottle.

Not even once.


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