Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eating Tacos Made #1 This Year

A List of Things I'm Thankful For
Sponsored by Jon 
And His Fancy Clothes
And the Nutcracker
That Jon is Attending
For the Fifth Year in a Row
While Wearing a Tie

1. Eating Tacos.
Well, maybe more specifically eating tacos by myself, after slogging down to the nearest taqueria in my yellow rain boots and back, by myself, without any small voices complaining about not wanting to eat tacos "because I only like squashed up beans, Mommy", because I was all by myself. These are quite possibly the most awesome tacos ever! And, yes, I totally realize I'm eating tacos from Seattle. Presentation, man, it's everything.

2. Fleece leggings.
Jon bought fleece leggings to wear while biking in the winter, like six years ago. Biking in the winter is hard, so I'm totally not judging. But, his leggings have been sitting there, all lonely and neglected in the dresser drawer. Guys? I've never been so warm and comfortable! Pish! Yoga pants? So last week!

3. Santa Claus.
Because he does the bulk of the present wrapping for me each year. Hahahahahaha! Who am I kidding? That fat guy's been slacking ever since I left for college all those years ago.
But I eat all his cookies now.
So we're even.

4. Pandora.
Because where else can I make a Christmas radio station that almost exclusively plays Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Dean Martin and, obviously, Gene Autry. It's not Christmas until Gene sings "Here Comes Santa Claus".

5.  Foam Board.
Jon wanted a fake Christmas tree this year. I gave in:

Anyone want to bet what percentage of presents under the tree are books?
Nevermind, that's too easy.

6. Coffee.
Because it's delicious. And because otherwise I might be tempted to sleep through all four hours I have to spend by myself instead of wrapping presents while Jon sits through yet another Nutcracker performance. Luckily Jon's dates are the cutest ever.

Merry Christmas to one and all! 

Now go away. I have tacos to eat.

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