Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things You Should Never Say To THIS Pregnant Woman

I'm starting to get huge. And by huge, I mean in the "Dude! She's as big as that giant sushi stool we saw last week!" sense. So, I thought I would share the top 5 least favorite things people have said to me. So far.*

1. Ewwww.... Smell this!

If you've been reading along with all the rest of us, this should be self explanatory.... ("Hint. It has to do with vomit," she said in her best Virginia Hall voice.)

2. I don't think this is any harder for you than other women.

SERIOUSLY?! It's probably in your best interest to shut up, now.

3. During your last pregnancy you ran through your 6th month....

Yeah, without a toddler in tow, or a narcissistic popularity seeking hip either!

4. It's so hard to loose weight.... You're lucky. Your weight will come off so much easier than mine.

Sure, if you call being strapped to an operating table while a doctor slices open your abdomen and pulls out a 10lb baby easy....

5. Do you mind if I order a margarita?

Now. I. Will. Hit. You.

*Yes, I realize this is really just venting. Everything can't be about the funny people! I tried, OK. I mean, I gave you the huge sushi stool, didn't I? (Sushi stool...he,he,he...that is sooo third grade!)


  1. I agree, pregnancy stinks, and the c-section awaiting you at the end is even stinkier. I think sushi stool is funny too :)