Friday, February 26, 2010

The Post Where I Become A Food Critic

It took three days of manipulation, scheming, scouting, mapping, and wearing out Katie so much that she was her whiniest tired EVER. But it paid off. FINALLY, I managed to convince Jon to order this:

A pizza?! It took you three days to convince someone to order PIZZA? But WAIT! There's more! Look closely. Closer...Closer... past the nasty pig intestine bratwurst bits. (real intestine people) Real close.

Oh yeah! I found sauerkraut pizza! And ordered it!! AND ate every single un-Babe/Wilbur touched slice!!! And while there may have been a little too much cheese for my lactose tolerant taste, it was THE BEST German food we had in weird little Disney inspired Leavenworth on our snow vacation! (Seriously, you're taking the whole German theme/stereotype a bit far when your patrons enter your restaurant a little loudly and you bark at them "Just sit down anywhere!" while hiring locals to sit and pretend to eat your food because it's nasty and stare at them in stony silence. Just FYI King Ludwig's.)

Oh, Leavenworth Pizza Company...I may love you....

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