Monday, February 15, 2010

Where's Bing Crosby When You Need Him?

There's no snow. At least, not up here in the drizzly northwest.* But, not to be daunted we are off on a 5 day search for SNOW! I mean, if Arizona can manage to produce 6 feet of snow in one week, surely there's enough snow in all the Cascade range for a 2 year old, her pregnant mother, and gPhone addicted father to play in, right? Sure, Hurricane Ridge is closed, Mt. Rainier's snow parks are closed, Leavenworth, the Disney inspired fake Bavarian town we're staying in that's known for snow is holding a Lederhosen hula contest instead of their traditional winter carnival, but, GOSH DARN IT!, we've packed the snowshoes, sled and our plucky attitudes!

Oh, and if you happen to see a couple of headlamps and a 3 foot pink blob making snow angels in the groomed ski trails at Steven's Pass late one night, just keep on movin', because, remember, I have a plucky attitude and believe me, I'll use it too. (Add plucky threatening stare here.)

*You're lovin' my way cool high tech weather map aren't ya? Yeah, I know, Illinois and one of the Great Lakes are missing. They're probably off sipping margaritas in the Caribbean somewhere (stupid geographical features....). Either that or Katie fed them to a passing cat.


  1. Yeah...we've had three snow storms in 2 weeks. We're at about 30 inches. You could come visit us!!

  2. I know! It's crazy out there! You want to fed ex some here?