Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Post Where I Enter the Digital Music Age

I've been cleaning, clearing, decluttering, and in some cases, yes, decraping the junk we have around the house these last few days, all to the ROCKIN' tunes from the tapes I hauled to college in my very cool cotton candy pink tape case. Which I had because it matched my pink bedspread and pink rose sheets, which when juxtaposed (that's my big college-y word to prove I really did go, because, this post is going to be really lame and will make you wonder about my mental capacity) with my ever so cool Goofy night shirt and matching Goofy knee highs, makes me wonder if maybe one or two of those 10 (yes, ten) college roommates left because of- nnnaaahhhhh, never mind, that's crazy talk!

Anyway, Katie's default question has morphed from the classic toddler "Why?" to "Is your music over now?" And, by 11am tomorrow morning, as my box of tapes are loaded in the back of the Goodwill truck, I'll have to answer, "Yes, Mommy's music is over now."*

So, I'll leave you with this:

If the world was gonna end in an hour and a half then love is a wonderful thing, makes you smile through the pouring rain, because friends are friends forever and baby, baby no muscle man could sever, my love for you is true and there's a higher place to go beyond belief, beyond belief, where we reach the next plateau in the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Room....

Ten points, a virtual high five and a box of mac and cheese to the first reader who can identify all six of the artists/groups that will be rattling down my street by 11:04 tomorrow morning! (You feel all challenged now, don't you?)

*Before you get all sniffley and offer your pack rat support, I didn't give them all away. I mean, where else am I going to find "Square Dancing Made Easy with Slim Jackson", or a mix tape with Eileen Farrell, The Serendipity Singers and the Jackson 5, OR my Rude Awakenings tape with 2001 Space Odyssey sung by farm animals? Come to my house. We'll party.


  1. Ok, I will take your challenge - but I know I can't do all 6.
    1. dunno
    2. Michael W. Smith
    3. Amy Grant
    4. George Strait*
    5. dunno
    6. The Enchanted Tiki Room Singers! =-)

    Now, every bone in my body wanted to type these into google and find them for real, but in the effort of fairness I resisted that urge. Until after I'm submitting this.

    *I don't believe you really had this artist, but he does have a fairly famous song with the lyric "My love for you is true".

  2. 3/6, Close! And, yeah, no George Strait for me- except maybe on the CK mix tapes-totally kept those! Awesome getting the Enchanted Tiki Room Singers!

  3. YAY 3/6! If anyone can beat that they are totally cheating from my answers!!!
    PS: Are they really called the Enchanted Tiki Room Singers? I kinda made that up...=-)

  4. Well, they sing in the Enchanted Tiki Room-ever been? One of my favorite Disney attractions!

  5. Yes, I know that they are in the Enchanted Tiki room. It is also one of my faves! it's a great way to cool off and relax after walking around the park all day. =-)

  6. Darn, I could have won this if I had actually read this when you first posted it.
    Martha, I love your blog. It is so hard picturing you writing all this when you barely spoke in high school. I may have to look you guys up if I ever make it back to the Seattle area, which I hope to do soon.

  7. Thanks! I'm sure I'll give away another box of mac and cheese sometime-because who wouldn't want to win a box of cheesy goodness?!
    And don't worry, I'm still awkwardly silent in person.