Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tweet Thoughts*

Can you find the real tweet among the impostweets? the fake-o-tweets? the countertweets? the trick-or-tweets? (I'll stop now.)

-My favorite swear word is crapazoidal. I've either been married to a math geek for too long or am channeling Scooby Doo.

-The best thing about being pregnant? I can wear whatever I want and no one has the courage to tell me I look like a freak. (This is not as bad as it can get.)

-You know how if you eat a lot of beets your urine turns purple? What happens if I gorge myself on beets the week before I give birth?

-My three year old just asked me for the cribbage board.

-No. Like you don't understand. This mac and cheese was life changing!


*That is, if I actually used Twitter and didn't think it was another insidious plot for world domination by super Buck Rogers computers.


  1. Ok, this is your weirdest one yet. Of course I'm not on Twitter so maybe I just don't understand?

  2. PURPLE BABY!! PURPLE BABY!! You could name it Lavender! :)

  3. Flip Flop: This is my weirdest one yet? Are you sure?
    What about the one about the canabalistic nativity tea party? or the one where I compare my leg to Dorian Grey? or the one where I say I need a brain in my butt like the Stegosaurus? Or the one with me in a passionate embrace with the Edward Cullen doll? or the ones where I very convincingly argue that computers will take over the world some day? Or the one....

  4. Breezey: You know, we haven't picked out any girls names yet.... Could be a great 'how you got your name' story that would scar/entertain her for life!

  5. it's like that movie with that kid that turns all violet. what was her name?