Sunday, September 6, 2009

Um, Hi.

I hate computers. No. Seriously. I was the only person in my dorm who brought a typewriter to college (come on, yes, it WAS electric!). I was reduced to tears in my high school Junior English class because I couldn't figure out how to turn the lab computer on (not that it took much to make me cry in those years). I once single handily broke the whole computer filing system at my college job*.

It all started when I saw a "Buck Rogers" rerun once when I was 10 and it was a light-a revelation-an awakening! Computers are planning on taking over the world! First, they will make themselves useful (obviously by replacing typewriters). Next, they will infiltrate themselves into every one's psyche (again, obviously cable television). Then they'll take over our brains (hello-cell phones-they are causing brain cancer people!). And finally,the evil motherboards will be just one step away from their Buck Rogers Utopian life where they become our government, our moral advisor, our judges. (Seriously, have you never watched this show?!?)

(You're still reading?? Past my uni-bomber rant and everything??? YAY!!)

With all that in my history, I'm sure you're thinking, "What are you here for? Get out of the blog world then! Go back to your bomb shelter, eat your cold canned beans and live your life in a smelly fog of "Little House on the Prairie" re-runs!" But, here's my confession: I can't. I have a toddler. Plus, I'm pretty sure my brain turned to mush two years ago, so there's not much for Dr. Theopolis to take over anyway. So, um, hi, or "biddi-biddi-biddi" whichever you prefer!

*No, I didn't dance to ABBA at my prom-how old do you think I am??

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