Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Don't Have A Clue How This Happened

I've been working in the yard lately. Something tells me I may need a vacation.

Disclaimer: I've never flipped anyone the bird in my entire life. Really! I'm not kidding!


There was that one time when I was substituting in a 4th grade classroom. I was going over the vocabulary words on the board and I realized I'd been flipping the whole class off for about five minutes. In hind sight, I should have talked in an English accent the rest of the day. It would have made everything way less embarrassing.*

*But not as embarrassing as the time I told the story about Deadwood Dick and bulldogging to a bunch of 5th graders. Don't worry. I only teach Sunday School now.


  1. Your blog is very informative! Thanks for the history lesson and thanks for letting me flip you off that one time :)

  2. That's me! Educating people about history through the use of inappropriate hand gestures-my college education professors would be proud!

    And you can flip me off anytime, flipflop! Wait. That didn't come out right....