Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Really Hard To Say "Hilariousnessment" With A French Accent

I was all set to write about this hilarious thought I had in the shower the other day after my run. YES! You heard me right. AFTER MY RUN! It was awesome! The days are getting longer so it's still light when Jon gets home from work and every couple of days I get to slip on my running shoes with the shoe butterflies (to help me run faster) and race out the door! That is, until I hit the mid point of that first hill, and then I become incredibly interested in the pretty pretty tulips that are blooming in my neighbor's garden. "Hmmmm.... yellow? No. More orange with yellow tints. Sunset. Yes. I'd say these specific tulips look like a sunset. Ooops! Did I stop running? Golly gee, I didn't mean to..... Oh, hello little kitty!" I'd like to say all that dialog takes place in my head, but, you all know me too well, so I won't lie to you, it doesn't. I also high five tree branches and sign posts. Now you understand why Fred and Ginger tried to kill me on that run this last Christmas. I'm embarrassing.

Anyway, I was going to write about this hilarious thought I had in the shower the other day. Now, in fair warning, this thought was probably only hilarious to me. Like most of what I write here.*

Anyway (take two), I was in the shower after my run the other day (excuse me for a minute while I do my I went running happy dance) and noticed that the body wash company was trying to be all fancy with printing French words on the bottle and stuff. Normally, like when I read novels printed in the 1800's, I skip right over that foreign garbley stuff because I'm horrible at foreign languages. I took Spanish in high school and stunk at it. And I mean really really really really muy muy fuegoly stunk at it. And I grew up in the Southwest. But, heck, I was on a running high and decided to read the French words on my body wash bottle in my best Pepe Le Pew accent. (Dude. I am soooo cool.)

The words? Pour le corps.

Now, I'm not saying I'm fluent in French or anything, (although I did room with a French major in college for a semester, so basically I am) but I'm pretty sure I just said "pour the corpse". And, I'm sorry body wash company, even Pepe Le Pew can't make liquefied human cadavers fancy.

*I think fragmented sentences are the hilarious high jinx of the grammar world. Like clowns. Or water balloons.


  1. I have been rooming for a while with someone who majored in French! She even pronounced Hilariousnessment for me :)

  2. I bet it sounded awesome too!

  3. For YEARS I have roomed with someone that majored in French. She even pronounced Hilariousnessment with a french accent for me.