Saturday, February 11, 2012

Someone Gave Me A Jumbo Sized 3 And I Drank A Lot Of Coffee, Except For That 3 Thing Nothin' New Here

So, the other day, in a fit of I'm-going-to-go-and-comment-on-new-blogs-until-my-children-wake-up-and-read-other-peoples-stuff-floating-around-out-there-in-computer-land-which-totally-should-have-been-a-ride-in-Disney's-Tomorrow-Land-then-again-maybe-it-was-and-I-just-don't-remember-because-I-was-too-busy-driving-my-miniature-car-around-the-autobahn-convinced-that-this-time-my-car-would-go-faster-and-I'd-finally-be-able-to-pass-my-put-put-sister-so-I-didn't-have-to-keep-shouting-"Put-the-pedal-to-the-metal-!-!-!-!", I commented on this blog: written by WilyBCool, who I call Wiley Coyote in my own head, not because he's a cartoon character or is really good at not dieing when anvils are dropped on his head and stuff, but because I call everyone who's name starts with a "W" Wiley Coyote in my head*.  Anyway.... he then came over to my blog and followed me (because he's nice like that) and then posted a link in my comments.  I saw it and I was all, "DUDE! A new blog to check out! Awesome!" The fact that his link looked like this: 
should have tipped me off that there was something else going on, but since I don't read html, I clicked on it and saw this:

Which I immediately thought had some fantasy/Lord of the Rings theme thing going on, but, even though I have actually read the whole Fellowship of the Ring books and I should be like an expert now, especially since I've even seen all the movies IN A MOVIE THEATER (yes, I was married at the time), I was wrong. (Did you just say "Duh"?)  Apparently it's like those emails that people used to send around where you were supposed to answer questions about yourself or something.  True story: I got one of those in college (Oh yeah.... I had an email account, thanks to one of my overly technologically optimistic friends. Although, at the time, I didn't understand how I was supposed to access it using my typewriter.) but I couldn't figure out how to type in my answers so, instead, I copied all the questions down, and answered them one by one on small pieces of paper, and handed them to the friend who sent me the email in the first place. Because if I didn't answer the email, that would be rude, obviously.  Anyway, the whole point of this huge flowery number three is to tell you all three things about myself and then pass the gigantic three on to three other bloggers.  So, here goes! (And you thought I was just going to ramble with run-on sentences for the whole time!)

1.  I've danced with Elvis on the streets of Portland.

2.  My hat fell off in a triathlon once, and this is what happened:

Yeah.  I'm cool like that.

3.   I once went by the nick-name Hot Rod Martha.  The story involves an incredibly cute five year old (smiles, waves, points to self), a full sized three wheeler ATC, a vacant lot, and the inability to listen to instructions past, "This lever is the gas. You push it and it makes the three-HEY COME BACK HERE!"

Honda ATV Three Wheeler circa 1983

Related: I crashed three different three wheelers by the age of ten.  Without wearing a helmet.

And, because each of these people think these are the coolest slippers of ALL TIME**!

I'm linking to them. And passing along that jumbo sized 3, because I don't share my slippers with anyone, no matter how adorab-ELLLLIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!

1.  Musings from the Hamster Wheel : I ran a lot in college.  Breezey never ran in college. Breezey majored in French in college. I never spoke a word of French in college.  We were roommates in college, and now Breezey runs.  She runs half marathons. And she's awesome!  You see where I'm going here? Yep.  I should be posting in fluent French by next Tuesday.

2.  Post Punk Kitchen : Each time I've seriously decided to make the switch from milk swilling, ice cream licking vegetarian to unsweetened soy milk swilling, Tofutti Cutie noshing vegan, I've gotten pregnant.  More than likely these are mutually exclusive actions.  Probably. Well, hopefully. Because, Isa's Eggplant Bacon sounds AMAZING!

3. About 100% : Andrea is a mom, she blogs and she says things like, "Get your own water," and, "Blogging is my excuse to be busy at something other than cleaning urine off of floors and walls around toilets in my house," and, "My ultimate goal is for you to say (after reading my blog) 'at least I'm not as pathetic as she is,'" and, "I've been known to exaggerate." It's like she's my more grammatically correct, non run on sentence writing, non incomplete sentence using, didn't even have to look up how to spell the word 'exaggerate' on Google, smarter twin! (Or, not, if, you know, my exuberant weirdness has freaked you out, Andrea. Again. You know, like that time I asked you if you too wanted to be re-incarnated as Laura Ingalls Wilder, even though it's completely impossible? Yeah.  Like that.)

*Or Dude, but you all knew that.

** OK, I didn't actually ask them, but, come on! Look at those slippers!  They look like something Rainbow Brite would wear, of course they love them!


  1. I agree that those are the ultimate in slippers!!! :) My Rainbow Brite avatar may sneak those in my suitcase at should hide them before I run away with them!!

    :) Bree

  2. Dear Pop~Up,
    I have proof that you did, in fact, reply via e-mail to an all about me e-mail. Part of it involves the words 'Brown Beary Bear'

    1. Dear Mike,

      Was Breezey sitting by me at the time, telling me which buttons to hit on the keyboard to make such magic happen? You know, the same way she helped me write all those papers in the computer lab? (Double spacing is just hard for some people!) Also, Browny Berry Bear says, "Hi!"

  3. OMG. I'm like totally gushing and all smiley up in here. Thank you for mentioning me on your super funny blog! EEEEE!

    I love your commitment to reading and commenting on blogs. I am the worst at that. Also I don't call my mother enough.

    And now I'm inspired to learn how to affix the giant 3 to my blog using this computer thingy, so I can spread my cheer and three things about me that people will want to know. Obviously I'll have to make them up.

    Do you know if html is the same as hotmail?

    1. Andrea,

      I'm glad you like the gigantically humongous three! I'm looking forward to reading what you write!

      Also, I asked Jon if html is the same as hotmail, because he's a computer genius and should know these things, and he said it was. Of course he was chuckling at the same time, so I kinda think he's messing with me. Although you would think he would have learned his lesson with the whole, "Will shaking my iPhone make it download faster?" question I had.

  4. I think it's entirely possible to make waffles in the shape of a gigantic 3. That makes them even more super cool :-) And a gigantic, hot, waffle 3 would be very tasty whether they are html or not.