Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Like The SAT. Only Shorter.

Is this a picture of:

A.  The lyrics from Vanilla Ice's new album*.

B.  A psychology experiment to see how long parent approved graffiti will be tolerated at the local playground.

C.  Super Secret Spy Code for "The TURKEY! travels at twilight". Because, as everyone knows, all the super spies speak in alliteration at aach and avery awportunity.

D.  A refreshing change from the demonic poetry written by some guy at the park last week. (In his defense, he did write it in pink and green chalk. Which, apparently, were the most demonic colors he could find.)

Thirteenbazenteentilishous points and this picture (points below) if you know the answer!

Note: This is not a picture of Vanilla Ice. Or of Jon dressed in a rapper outfit.  But those are his shoes.

*Now, don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate the fact that the lyrics to Vanilla Ice's "Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!" are squeaky clean.  I mean, dude, they're even clean enough to be used while teaching Sunday School, to, you know, set the musical tone for the morning before Jon raps the story from Acts 12 for the kids. Which he didn't do. Because he has "self respect", or because he's a stick in the mud.  One of the two.  Which forced me to use this video instead.  And, yes, this is how lazy people teach Sunday School.  (waves hand.  points to self.) With YouTube.


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    1. Wow! You're really good at this super secret spy stuff!

  2. Does this You Tube method of instruction on the story of Peter in Acts suggest that he should "Go, Peter!" :-)Great post as always, Martha

    1. Can you convince Jon to rap that? Because I'd totally pay money to see it! "Go Peter! Go Peter! Go!" (With some sweet dance moves, of course!)