Saturday, May 26, 2012

Famous People Running Races

This last weekend my friend Mabel, her husband Clive and I ran the Rhody Run 12K. There were impromptu water stations set up on people's front lawns, there were drum circles, bubbles, a really steep and long down hill where you could actually feel the wind blowing through your hair (or in my case a rain and sweat soaked pony tail), there was the guy who runs the race every year and makes up his own Marine chants every 1/2 mile or so, ocean views and free beer and massages at the end off the race. And, while this year lacked the bagpiper and free champagne at mile six, we all knocked something like seven minutes off of last year's time. WHICH WAS AWESOME!

Until we looked at the professional photos online today.  





They were so bad that they prompted this conversation on Facebook less than 16 hours ago:

Mabel:  Did you change your profile pic because you're getting psyched for the half marathon? Less than 5 months!!
Me:  That and I wanted to remind myself how much I liked to run! Plus, it looks waaaaay better than the pics from the Rhody Run this last weekend. :)
Mabel: That photographer should be fired!
Me: Or start to work seriously on their airbrushing technique!
Mabel: For sure! I want him to make me look like Zooey Deschanel skipping through the finish line with a big happy smile on my face.  I would totally buy that picture!
Me: You'd make a perfect Zooey Deschanel! Can I be Myrna Loy? Because a classic never goes out of style, and it would make complete sense considering they gave out free beer at the end of the race*!
Mabel: Sure....

Know what? Turns out, airbrushing skills aren't that hard Race Photographer Man. I mean, all I had to use was a pair of scissors, a stick of glue, a sharpie and some paper dolls from Katie's craft cupboard and KAPOW! We look ten times awesomer! 

You look AMAZING Zooey/Mabel!

Keep the intensity Edward/Clive!

Look! It's Myrna/Me! Run Myrna/Me! Run!

I mean, I even managed to figure out how to take our finish photos and paste them all in the same photo so it looks like we finished the race at the same time! Look! I even got Edward/Clive and Zooey/Mabel to hold hands! 
My GOSH but we're GORGEOUS!
Airbrushing? Totally not hard. 

And, like always, I'll take my payment in coffee, Mabel!

*This joke makes way more sense if you've seen The Thin Man movies.  

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