Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Is A Rerun Because Jon Is Lazy

So, there I was, on the verge of posting the most awesome post ever another mediocre post last night all about hamburgers made from cows, Wil Wheaton and coffee. (Yes. Again.)  All I needed was Jon to splice one tiny (3 minute) video with another minuscule (2 minute) video and  maybe cut a few scenes or something here and there, add a picture of my coffee cup and make it fly. I mean, not hard stuff. Obviously I'd do it myself, but funny penguin videos don't find themselves on YouTube. Someone has to do the hard work.  But, then, Jon got all lazy and started saying things like, "If you teach a man to fish" and other, stuff, which was followed by a bucket of computer words that in all probability* he made up just to confuse me.  So, now you are all stuck with a post I wrote in 2009 about my butt. (Yes. Again.) Blame Jon. I do.

*I totally just used a math word, and since math is like the purest form of logic ever invented, you have to believe me. Because that's how logic works. Or debate team.  One of the two. Either way I'm totally right. About something. Crapazoidal.  I think I just confused myself again.


I Need Rock Band Like I Need...

I don't like video games. I never have and I'm betting like a guy named Mr. Betmorethanyou at a greyhound track that I never will. I played Pac Man once-wait no, that was Ms. Pac Man-she's the one with the little bow on her head right? Yeah! I played Ms. Pac Man once at Pistol Pete's Pizza*. However, once I realized that after being killed by a dozen different ghosts (and evading none) that I received not a single ticket for my pathetic efforts I went back to skee ball and never looked back again.**

That is, until last weekend and the Rock Band party I was invited (read dragged) to. While I admit I rocked the vocals on Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" it was really my bass skills on Steve Miller's "Rockin' Me" that I really felt I nailed it. Low slung guitar? Check. Head nod to the beat? Check. Hair in my face? Check. Most notes hit? Check. Basically I ROCKED! But did I get a single ticket to be used on cheap plastic toys? NooooooOOoooo! Instead I was immediately shuffled over to the drums for The Go-Go's "We Got The Beat". Seriously, if God had wanted me to use my hands and feet at the same time he would have given me an extra brain in my butt.

You know, like the Stegosaurus.

*Which, sometime after I left the Phoenix valley was sold to Peter Piper Pizza. Coincidence? I think not.

** Hey man, I got some AWESOME toys with those tickets! Like that plastic baton with sparkly rainbow ribbons on the end that all, um, fell...off. But I was the height of cool for at least five days!


  1. I'm always so excited to see the note come through on Facebook that there is a new post from "When Mac and Cheese Attacks". I love this blog, even the rerun - although it seems to be altered a bit - posts. I am laughing again. I'm glad Jon was lazy :-)

    1. Thanks!

      Although,if Jon asks, I'm going to tell him you said, "I think Jon shouldn't be so lazy and should fix all your computer problems immediately because you're soooo pretty." Which, let's face it, is pretty much what you said anyway. :)

    2. Lol! :-) I like your comment. I think Jon will have to go for it.