Friday, June 1, 2012

I Feel Like This Should Start With A Warning


(Points to text above.) Hey! Look! It does!

See, Jon, in his quest to become the World's Geekiest Computer Person (Note: This may not be his actual job title, but, in my defense, I don't know what his actual job title is, so, it totally could be.  Plus, I used the word computer at least once, so my chance of being right is at least 88%, or 3 out of 4, you know, which ever's better.) accidentally bought an iPad, which is odd, because, obviously, in computer circles, Linux users and espresso sipping barefoot running shoe wearing Mac users don't mix.  And, since I'm currently the only one in the house with a pair of barefoot running shoes and an overwhelming need to caffinate myself at all hours of the day, I figured I was the one that was supposed to use the iPhone on steroids it. But everything looks weird on this blogging ap Jon downloaded, and this disconnected keyboard is kinda freaking me out because HOW DO THE LETTERS TRAVEL FROM THE KEYBOARD BUTTONS TO THE SCREEN WITHOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR CABLE SLIDE!?! 


Hang gliding?


(Picks up keyboard and looks underneath.) Rabbit holes?

Dude. I am not eating anything this iPad puts in front of me, especially if it has an "Eat Me" sign on it.  (sips coffee)  Totally not falling for that one! (nods and waves to hookah smoking caterpillar sitting on a mushroom in the corner of the room)

Anyway, when Jon downloaded the ap he wanted to make sure I could do all the blog-type things I normally do. You know, like type words, link to videos and download pictures. Which, I guess was kind of a boring job, because when I opened up the iPad blogging ap there was a picture of a drunk kangaroo holding a bottle of beer. He may have also been wearing a pirate hat.  Or, I only wish he was wearing a pirate hat. (It's hard to tell sometimes.)  Aaaaannnnndddd, I didn't know how to delete it, so, that's kinda where the warning comes in.


(Points to text above.) Hey! Look! There is is again!

This post may contain an unintentional drunk kangaroo wearing a pirate hat. Or not.  (Again, it's hard to tell sometimes.) But just a picture of one. Not a real one.  Because that'd be insane! I mean, how in the world would a real unintentional drunk kangaroo wearing a pirate hat (or not) even get onto your computer without a direct cable slide anyway? Exactly.

And, come to think about it, this whole warning thing was probably way overblown. I blame Micheal Bolton's hair.  (Which, in retrospect, is kind of unfair, since it's really his 90s hair that should be blamed, not his current hair. So, maybe I should rephrase my blame. "I blame Michael Bolton's 90s hair." Which, technically, is correct, but is kind of awkward to say.) I mean, seriously, what's the chance of a photo of a drunk kangaroo wearing a wishful pirate hat showing up in this post anyway?



So, I guess I was wrong about that pirate hat. 


  1. I haven't even stopped laughing from your last blog post about the famous people running races and airbrushed race finish pictures and here you are with another great article. This will keep me laughing for awhile longer. Love it :-)

    1. Thanks Karen! I thought I should post pretty quickly as a distraction before people started noticing that I don't really look like Myrna Loy in real life!

  2. you are invited to follow my blot

    1. Wait a minute... Is this a Rorschach Test? Because I'm really good at those!

      It's a TURKEY! flying a biplane while singing the hit song from Roger & Hammerstein's "State Fair". Look at his jaunty scarf!

    2. OK. I totally just went to look at your blog now and, yeah, not about ink blots. Sorry. But you have to admit, that would be one awesome ink blot!