Friday, November 15, 2013

I Would Have Named Them Mr. Pickles And Anne Of Cleves, Respectively, But, Apparently, I'm Raising My Children In A Democracy

I've been lonely since we've moved.  Which, with the overly numerous references to the collected works of LM Montgomery in my blog posts lately should catch none of you by surprise.  I miss having "bosom friends"*. The kind of friends that I run into randomly at the grocery store, or get together with for cupcakes after picking Katie up from school, or wait in line with for the midnight showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (I'm beyond your judgement, mock away!) or meet up with at 6am for a nine mile run on a Saturday morning, you know, the awesome kind of friends.  Sigh.... In an I'm-eating-my-feelings-but-it's-kinda-ok-because-I-ran-hills-this-morning related note: it's a good thing Ellie talked me into buying this ginormous box of Cheez-Its because her Halloween bag is completely out of Recess Peanut Butter Cups. Because she's... um, you know, piggy like that. Also? That last sentence is what God invented grace for.  Just sayin'.

But, dudes, just this last Monday? Mabel came for a visit and I got to pretend for a whooole day that I have a friend who lives close enough to help me use my coupon for a free inflatable fruitcake.  A friend who didn't once ask "What are you going to do with a free inflatable fruitcake?" (It was more like, four times. But what ever.) And the answer is tons of things. Obviously. I mean, IT'S A FREE INFLATABLE FRUITCAKE! The question should be more like, what can't you do with a free inflatable fruitcake?

Because free inflatable fruitcakes are full of the awesome.  
But seriously, we had a wonderful visit filled with coffee, conversation, card games, playing with Katie and Ellie at the park, Elvis French Toast for lunch and, the assortment of candied fruit sprinkled on top that totally made the day? A free inflatable fruitcake. Oh. And an inflatable flamingo.  So the fruitcake didn't have to be lonely after Mabel finally went home.

Who, apparently, is a bit of a prima donna. I mean, dude, it's like she doesn't even want me IN the photo!
And, that evening, after a quick naming contest, Boa the Flamingo and Ela the Fruitcake joined our family. Seamlessly.

Friendship. It's a beautiful thing.

*NOTE: The term "bosom friends" doesn't sound silly when you say it with an early 20th century literature accent. Or while dressed as Tom Hanks in drag.


  1. I love the "fitted right in" video. This is a great article, Martha. Moving is a crazy thing, isn't it? You know that you have truly bosom friends when one or more of them follows you to the new location to spend a day or more. Friendship is a beautiful thing :-)

    1. If Boa and Ela have taught me anything over these last few days it's that, yes, friendship is awesome!

  2. It's the boots on Boa that started the giggles.

    1. Boa is used to a warmer climant, apparently, she NEEDED the boots. Geesh! Such a Prima Donna!