Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Kids Woke Up And It's Not Morning Anymore But I'm Posting This Anyway BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

It's morning. Here I sit, sunlight ACTUALLY peaking through the Seattle cloud cover (I know! Gasp!), dishwasher still loaded, laundry sitting in piles by the washer, still to do Thanksgiving shopping list ripped, crumpled and left carelessly under the kitchen table because Ellie needed it to, wait... no, she said that, um she wanted... you know, I don't know, it's still readable so, whatever, it's all good. I was going to pretend that my coffee wasn't even brewed yet, to lend, you know, credibility to the whole early morning things left undone montage I had going on here, but, then, as I  paused to bolt back the dregs of my first cup I realized, dude, one, you're trying too hard and two, no one with even the most basic understanding of  the editing process is going to believe that I've been up for longer than 10 minutes without a cup of coffee in my hand.  Unless I'm running. Because running and hot coffee don't go together. At all.  Because of all the sloshing the boiling hot liquids like to do even if you run with your green travel mug your mom got you for Christmas that has a really good lockable sippy top. Not that I've tried it.  More than once. Twice. OK, fine, maybe just that whole first month of November after we moved to this cold and rainy state. In my defense though, it was cold. And rainy. And cold....


As I was saying:

The sun is up, kinda, I'm sitting on my butt,  I'm not unloading the dishwasher or doing other stuff but I've made coffee and I'm drinking it, you know, blah blah blah, enjoying the quiet house, blee blee blee, there is a peace when little bodies are sleeping, yada yada.

And? Cue the pitter patter of little demanding feet in 5,









------that's weird----------

(Looks over shoulder) Dude! I think they're still sleeping!

Ok, look, don't get me wrong here.  I love my children.  Heck, it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, obviously I'm even thankful for them too.  They're fun, beautiful, hard working, imaginative, helpful, kind little girls.  I mean, they're sooo way better than any other kid in our entire whole world wide universe and all the others including z8_GND_5296!  You know, that universe way over there. (points really far away)

Dude! Seriously? Just step away from the very sharp ornamental pitchfork you propped artistically by the pumpkins and sheaves of wheat by the front door. Obviously I didn't mean your kids (places hand over mouth) I meant their kids (gestures with eyes, pretends to be a ventriloquist) over there. Plus? Impaled entrails don't usually go over as well with guests before they stuff themselves silly on sweet potatoes encrusted with a generous oozing of marshmallow...pustules.

(Insert awkward pause here while readers nod agreeably and reassemble their Thanksgiving Day displays. Or watch a video by The Original Schnickelfritz Band. Potato, Potata.)

Whew. Glad we cleared that up. Can we get back to talking about the awesomeness of my children now?

Because, dudes, Katie and Ellie are very excited for Thanksgiving and have written their own "List of Things She's Thankful For". They even made me do it. And. Yes. I'm going to share them with you. Because it's Thanksgiving and THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

Oh, and, yeah, it was totally Katie's idea.  How could you tell?

Ellie's List Of Things She's Thankful For:
Sweet food to eat
A house to live in

My List Of Things I'm Thankful For:
Dry mornings for running
Hot coffee
Good books

Katie's List of Things She's Thankful For:
A cheetah jumps
A giraffe eats
A rhino sits in a tree
A lion roars

Wait! A! Minute!  Katie didn't tell me I could write a humorous poem about a rhino climbing a tree and then accidentally falling on top of a lion! Dude. That kid is holding back on me.

In the spirit of THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO Thanksgiving, you should add your list of things your thankful for in the comments. Or write a poem about a flamingo. Because apparently, according to Katie,  that's totally fine too.


  1. An Ode to Flamingos
    Ohhhh flamingos, so pink and so leggy
    I love you more than my imaginary Aunty Peggy
    Your beaks are so pointy with fluffy pink feathers
    They must be quite comfy in all kinds of weathers
    Flamingos I'd love a flock in my yard
    I love you so much you've made me a bard.
    The End

    1. Awesome! I'm almost convinced flamingos should replace the turkey as the traditional Thanksgiving bird, vegetarianly speaking, obviously.

  2. It's not a flamingo poem, but the kids and I really enjoyed PUMPKIN PANCAKES tonight for supper. (G declined to eat any since it wasn't breakfast time. The kids gave him a "What? Are you implying that some people eat these for breakfast?" sort of look and continued inhaling syrup, though munchkin #2 did comment later that they were even better without syrup.) :) Thank you for the pancakes and the noodly cheesy goodness. :) ((Nifty package, too, with uber cool stickers. ))

    1. I'm glad they all enjoyed the pancakes! Pancakes re one of my favorite foods of all time, even for dinner, G doesn't know what in the world he's talking about!

      Also, über cool horse stickers are always in fashion! Just like sticker books! Man! I LOVED sticker books!