Monday, September 22, 2014

An Attempt At Intellectual Thoughts About Friendship Without Using The Phrase "Best Bestest Besties". But Only As A Fun Mental Exercise. Like Suduko. Or Slap Jack.

There is a rejuvenation to be found in the faces of good friends. Each year I retreat with three wonderful women and it is a welcomed and restful lull from the everyday as the four of us sink into an unencumbered weekend of conversation. Laughter. Discussion. Concern. Silliness. Remembrances. Hopes. Love. Life.

There is safety.

There is a safety in the kind of friendship that at different times over 20 years has sprouted, grown, wilted, slept and blossomed.

There is beauty.

There is a beauty to be found behind the eyes of each and every one of these women.  There is strength that I aspire to. Passion that I marvel at. Intelligence that can not be masked. There is never enough time. But, what time we do have, we use to its absolute fullness.

Because sleep is not important.

Because sleep is not as important as spending time with these women, 72 hours later, here I sit, trapped and inconvenienced in a blue leather airline seat, my eyes as heavy as if, for four days, I had welcomed the wee hours of the morning tending to a newborn baby instead of resting in the friendship of three of my Best Bestest Besties*. But I do not mind. Not at all. In fact, I'm rather use to it. This is our 14th year of retreat after all. And, so, I raise my poorly insulated turbulence sloshing cup of black coffee to you, my friends of the past. My friends of the present. My friends of the future. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are phenomenal women. Cheers!


"Flight Attendant! Bring me another!"

*Dude. It's harder than it looks!

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