Saturday, April 16, 2011

Presents For Everyone!

I'm handing out virtual high fives, eighteen technologically decorated bonus points and a box of mac and cheese today! Why? Because Breezey has officially won my "Oh. My. Goodness. Why Is Martha Writing A List Of Things I Don't Want To Know About Her On The Internet? I Think She's Insane Contest"! Yay! So, Breezey, SMACK! (that was a high five) and here they are:

! # $ % & ( ) < > ? * + { @ [ } ] !

That's right! I used the fanciest keys on my computer to decorate your bonus points. Because you're my bestie! (giggle) And you're awesome. (Not giggling. Because being awesome is serious business.)

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you she didn't actually guess correctly, but she did mention the correct answer in her comment. Breezey guessed:

6. I joined Fly Lady. Then one night while I was shining my sink I realized it had turned me into Petunia Dursley.
And, while, yes it seems embarrassing to admit to the whole Internet that I shine my sink every night because a woman wearing tennis shoes, a purple skirt and fairy wings told me to, it's not as embarrassing as the correct answer:

3. The last time I changed the oil in my truck was just before Katie was born. She turns four next week.

Because, lack of proper vehicular maintenance goes against every moral my parents tried to instill in me during my childhood. (Although I think there was also something about conserving water and not letting the cat eat your library books.) However, just in case you're reading this Mom and Dad, PUT DOWN THE PHONE! I CHANGED TO OIL IN THE TRUCK LAST WEEK, I DIDN'T LET THE WATER RUN WHILE BRUSHING MY TEETH AND I ONLY LET ELLIE CHEW ON MY LIBRARY BOOKS NOW! See? Eventually something sticks.

But, for all you people who didn't play my "She's Not Insane, She's Quirky! Game", I have something for you too.* Why? One, because it's my birthday and two, because these guys have the same taste in IKEA home furnishings as me, and three, not because I've noticed my traffic goes up when I post cute animal videos. Not at all.

*Because you don't have to play my stupid games to be awesome. (Again. This is my not giggling face.) However, you do miss out on the eighteen fancy technologically decorated bonus points, and the mac and cheese. (Yummy, creamy, cheesy mac and cheese mmmmmm........goooood!)


  1. WOO HOO!!! I'm getting mac and cheese!!! (Your video is uber freaky btw...)


  2. A delicious box of mac and cheese will be heading your way soon!

    And don't be hatin' on the puppies. You'll hurt their little canine feelings. They can see you through the computer you know.