Thursday, November 22, 2012

Real Runners Wear Them Across The Finish Line

It's Thanksgiving, and we all know what that means! (Well, beyond vegetarians the world over teaching their geriatric poultry how to do the merengue, that is*.) It means it's time to break out those TURKEY! hats and run a 10K in them!

Everyone but me, that is.

Because, this awesome hat:

is sitting on a store shelf. In eastern Washington. Hundreds and hundreds of miles away. All lonely like....(...*sniff*gooobbble*sniff*....) dreaming of the day, it too, can run wild and free along a really really really** hilly route that has a beautiful view of a harbor while Canadian geese honk their encouragement overhead as you POWER UP THOSE HILLS***!!!

I know. It makes me sad too.

So, in lieu of a TURKEY! hat that, let's face it, I'm not spending $45 on, (Do you know how many coffees that will buy!?! Priorities. I've got them. And they come caffeine flavored.) next year I'm just going to wear this poster:

Like a banner of awesomeness, people. A. Banner. Of. AWESOMENESS!!

*Untapped market, people. That's all I'm sayin'!
***Spoiler Alert: I walked.


  1. Great post...cute photos!

  2. Oh, the infamous turkey hat. That is so cool, but I really like your Turkey Banner of Awesomeness idea. Especially considering the coffee priorities :-) Looks like it was a really great race day. Fun to see all the pictures.

    1. It was an awesome day! Not just because I got to run 10K with a ton of people wearing TURKEY! hats but also because it was Belinda's first 5k! And not her last!