Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can I get a retake on this?

During random, and... not so random, stalking of friends, family and old college roommates* on the Internet/Facebook and I find myself at Zillow. Just looking at the normal: who has a view, who paid what, mine is bigger than yours stuff. When, there it is. MY HOUSE. The last time I had logged on to spy on my neighbors and, um...other people (come on, you do it too!) my house was pictured with the traditional white and green paint job we had bought it with, landscaped (and watered) garden beds, etc. Apparently, their photo crew has been busy, because there it is, MY HOUSE.

You see, a little over a year ago we decided to paint. Not wanting to go the boring route of picking a color combo from the one suggested in the pamphlets at Lowes (Dude**! It's not cool!), we decided to do our own color comboing. Because, obviously me with my raging obsession with yellow and my husbands total inability to know what color shirt he put on this morning we could do it. We were hip. We were cool. And we painted the house yellow, green and red. I know. I KNOW! What were we thinking?!!

And, oh, it gets worse. Because we didn't finish the paint job. The deck? Still the pine green of our house's previous life. The awesome red trim? Half done-and by half done I mean, paint starts at the living room window but doesn't make it to the kitchen. Our house on Zillow for every crazy person I've worked with, lived with, told off in the grocery store***, whatever, is yellow, with a pine green deck, half painted red trim and green (more ocean than tree) triangle things (you know, the roof things that make a triangle on houses-OK obviously not an architect here).

But, what bothers me more is that I WAS**** going to weed! I WAS going to trim back the monster pine bush thing at the corner. I WAS going to cut back all those seedlings sprouting up around the unidentifiable tree that has really pretty purple flowers every summer! I WAS going to mow the lawn! But now... what's the point?

I think I'll just wait for the Zillow photo van to come by again... and get out my hedge clippers then.

*Remember? There was The Drug Dealer, The One Who Never Spoke, The Vomit Queen, etc. etc. etc.!!
**Um, I never say dude, don't know how that got there! REALLY!
****Because we KNOW I'm not finishing the painting!

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