Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wouldn't A Flyswatter Be Easier?

My kitchen has been infested. Stupid little teeny tiny baby flies swirling around my sink, my compost bucket, my pile of dirty dishes, my COFFEE-and everyone knows you don't touch Mommy's coffee!*

I think they came over with the tomatoes from the nice old couple across the way-you know the ones in the white house with the picket fence and the GORGEOUS tomatoes.** I spent a week watching the guy tottle around fixing their fence. You don't care, and I know you don't care BUT I thought it was so cute, especially if you imagine him with a bow tie. Of course he's probably an ex-SEAL or something (did they have SEALS in WWII?) and knows like 12 different ways to kill me-but really, a bow tie would look so cute on him!

However, I digress, and those tiny flies are cloning themselves by the second, so, excuse me, I have to find my chopsticks.

*Seriously. Try it sometime. I dare you. (she said in a deep menacing voice)
**Because obviously they weren't attracted by my pit of a kitchen. My motto is, if you can't tell if the floor has been mopped, then why even bother.


  1. I accidentally rejected your comment, anonymous commenter person. Sorry. It wasn't because of content, it was just because I'm that inept when it comes to computers and hitting the back button on my browser doesn't seem to bring it back. Sorry!

  2. Here's what Unfortunately Martha Is A Tech Idiot Anonymous Commenter commented:

    UDTs (underwater demolition teams) or frogmen. The term "SEAL" wasn't used until 1961. See, I told mom my history degrees would pay off eventually . . . :)