Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's the cheese?

Obviously, I can't name a blog, "When Mac and Cheese Attacks" and not have any mac and cheese in it-or on it. No, definitely IN-because ON would be messy and ultimately it'd smell....

Anyway, I precariously balanced my iPhone in places it shouldn't be balanced (namely my hands) to capture my mac and cheesiness in action!*

Because pouring noodles with one hand, taking a picture with the other, holding a toddler back from the stove with my foot and yelling, "I'll take your picture later! Mommy has a project!" seemed like a good idea.

Then comes my favorite part! This is where I get to SUBSTITUTE! This is where things happen that allow me to collect comments like this at potlucks: "What is it? No, seriously. What else did you put in it? I know it looks like mac and cheese, but what else-you know what, never mind, I don't want to know."**

So, here I am pouring my unsweetened soy milk in with the cheese powder. Or as you can call it-Substitution #1. And, um, just ignore the molding Tang Bean Dip in the top right hand corner.

Next, the 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast. It tastes like cheese, but it's not! Substitution #2.

Stir it all together.


*Also because I need to find another use for my phone other than stalking people on facebook.
**In my defense I only made those tofu muffins like one time! OK, twice, or three times-shut up, they were awesome! Anyone want a good Tang Bean Dip recipe?

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