Monday, September 28, 2009

Do These Words Make My Post Look Lame?

I've been hopped up on Sudefed for the last week or so. I'm blaming the kids at Sunday School because obviously I didn't get it from the toddler and her lack of hand washing skills. I'm telling you all this for two reasons 1) I was in no fit state to post anything 2) I posted something. I'd delete my lame "toe food" joke, but, maybe if I leave it there you all will feel an overwhelming desire tell me how much lamer this post is:

I painted the gate we had a friend put up to block our front steps to our deck last week. We had the gate put in about 2 months ago or so but didn't have the guy paint it. So, last week I thought I'd take advantage of the dry sunny weather and paint it myself, plus the steps and a couple boards he replaced on the deck. Now, remember, these things have been NAKED for over 2 months, also the gate is the FIRST thing you see when coming in from the car, and Jon didn't notice AT ALL! The thing was brown/naked wood color when he left for work and when he walked up the steps and OPENED IT after work, it was green. This went on for three days. Yep. Three days of walking out the front door and opening the gate and three days of walking up the steps and closing the newly painted gate. THREE DAYS PEOPLE!

I mentioned once that my husband had a strange inability to remember what color shirt he puts on each morning. I also should mention that I typically hide freshly made chocolate chip cookies ON THE COUNTER, he can never remember how old he is (he spent his whole 27th year of life insisting he was 30), and he failed to notice his CAR was missing for two whole days*. Unobservant? Yeah, you could say so.

Of course, I'm not complaining about his lack of basic observation skills. They've been too good to me. They've netted me a load of chocolate chip cookies AND the added bonus of being able to mess with his head at will.

*Less, "Dude, Where's My Car?" and more "Semantics for Imperative Programs" (Yeah, I don't know what that is either....)


  1. Bwahahaha! Dave is totally unobservant too. I could lop off my head and walk around a headless stump and he'd be all, "now wait, where's my Blackberry?"

  2. I love the title :) I'm actually pretty impressed that it only took him 3 days. Let me know the next time you hide chocolate chip cookies.