Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank Goodness for the Pea Soup!

Tired. My house is a mess. And not your normal sticky finger paint in the carpet, smelly tut-tut-tut* fermenting in the toilet bowl, papers, books, half eaten sandwiches behind the couch cushions messy. Nope. New Big Girl Bed messy.

Because, yeah, we went to IKEA-TWO DAYS AGO. You read that right? Two days ago? Oh, we'll just go-pick up a bed, maybe a few shelves and then right back home to tuck our little angel in. Right. It's IKEA. They have a restaurant in the middle of the store because they KNOW you're NEVER getting out in less than SEVEN, yes 7, hours. With a two year old. And a husband who's convinced we need to fill our walls with cabinets so he can put in the hydraulic elevator he's always dreamed of**.

We also own a truck. Which we didn't bring. It's MY*** truck that I bought before we were married after a traumatizing accident where I totaled my itty-bitty white car. The only problem is that for some reason I have to call the tow truck people every time I want to drive it. Seriously, I'm gonna have to buy the guy a birthday card soon, and his kids? Man they've grown! (Hey, Tom!) So, needless to say, not reliable when you're embarking on a 100 mile round trip. (Yes, I live in the boonies.)

Instead, we drove the Civic. Yep, our Honda Civic. To IKEA. And spent seven hours there. 1 twin bed, 1 mattress, 3 6' shelves, 19 bins, 1 buffet, 3 sets of sheets, 1 pillow, 1 lamp, 4 place mats, 2 adults and 1 toddler crammed into the world's smallest car**** later we're home and we've been assembling ever since because apparently not only are we not rich, we're not smart either.

*Yeah, I have my own special name for poop-what of it?
**"Can you imagine!? Right here! No more stairs! We could just open up the trap door to the basement and push a button and down we'd go! It'd be awesome!!!"
*** My husband isn't on the title. He hates when I tell people this. He also hates it when I add that I have a secret bank account and a suitcase full of clothes hidden in Ohio. He just doesn't think that's funny!
**** OK...maybe this is.

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